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HZLLP.COM - Providing Secure Communication

We are proud to announce that clients are beginning to take advantage of our secure web site,! Our site is intended as a legal and business resource for our clients. Because more and more communication and document exchange is conducted over the internet, we have equipped our site with a password-protected area in which our clients can access their various forms, agreements, and correspondence in a secure environment. Once in the secure area, you will also be able to securely upload sensitive documents. For a while, we believe that email will remain the main method of electronic communication and document exchange, but feel free to contact us for a password if you want access to a more secure environment for your legal communication. We hope you will find our web-site useful and easy to navigate. Please contact to report any problems or to request a password for the secure area. Thank you for visiting, and we hope to serve your legal needs.

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